Movie Movie Title Movies Description Release date Trailer
Spider-Man: Far from Home Spider-Man: Far from Home Peter Parker and his friends go on a summer trip to Europe. However, they will hardly be able to rest - Peter will have to agree to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of creatures that cause natura... 2019-07-02 Watch Trailer
Annabelle Comes Home Annabelle Comes Home Determined to keep Annabelle from wreaking more havoc, demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren bring the possessed doll to the locked artifacts room in their home, placing her “safely” behind sacr... 2019-06-26 Watch Trailer
Yesterday Yesterday A struggling musician realizes he's the only person on Earth who can remember The Beatles. 2019-06-28 Watch Trailer
Dauntless Dauntless By June 1942, the Japanese Navy has swept across the Pacific. In an effort to change the course of the war, a United States carrier group is positioned off the coast of Midway, tasked with springin... 2019-06-29 Watch Trailer
47 Meters Down: Uncaged 47 Meters Down: Uncaged A group of backpackers diving in a ruined underwater city discover that they have stumbled into the territory of the ocean's deadliest shark species. 2019-06-28 Watch Trailer
Ophelia Ophelia A re-imagining of Hamlet, told from Ophelia's perspective. 2019-06-28 Watch Trailer
Midsommar Midsommar A young couple travels to Sweden to visit their friend’s rural hometown and attend its mid-summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly descends into an increasingly violent and biz... 2019-07-03 Watch Trailer
The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith the sequel to the 2001 Faith Based film. 2019-06-28 Watch Trailer
Killers Anonymous Killers Anonymous A failed attempt to murder a Senator is connected to a group meeting secretly to discuss their darkest urges. To take lives. 2019-06-28 Watch Trailer
This Changes Everything This Changes Everything An investigative look and analysis of gender disparity in Hollywood, featuring accounts from well-known actors, executives and artists in the Industry. 2019-06-28 Watch Trailer
Fabulous Fabulous Ninja is famous around the world for her fierce ballroom performances, but she is not as well-known in her native country of French Guyana. But a trip home to teach a workshop might change that. 2019-06-22 Watch Trailer
Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love A story of enduring love between Leonard Cohen and his Norwegian muse, Marianne Ihlen. The film follows their relationship from their early days in Greece, a time of "free love" and open marriage, ... 2019-07-05 Watch Trailer
Kinky Boots The Musical Kinky Boots The Musical Inspired by true events, this huge-hearted hit tells the story of two people with nothing in common – or so they think. Charlie is a factory owner struggling to save his family business, and Lola... 2019-06-25 Watch Trailer
One Nation Under God One Nation Under God 2019-07-04 Watch Trailer
Thanks to Hank Thanks to Hank Brought to life with archival footage, animation, and interviews with collaborators and friends, this sweeping documentary uncovers the impacts of Hank Wilson’s efforts in AIDS service and queer ... 2019-06-27 Watch Trailer
Bond: Kizuna Bond: Kizuna A rookie detective's friend is brutally murdered by the Japanese mafia, she must revenge for her and bring justice to the world, as an assassin. 2019-06-30 Watch Trailer
Maiden Maiden In a moving portrait of resilience, Alex Holmes chronicles the unprecedented journey of 24-year-old Tracy Edwards and the first all-female sailing crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race. 2019-06-28 Watch Trailer